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All Alumni can post information or questions about other
alumni or alumni classes on this site.

There is two alumni sites Mt. Zion Alumni site 
through, and Mt. Zion through,
these site has no association with the school or the school district.

Any class who would like to post information on this page, can
either add it as a post or email
Ina Brown. We would like to
compile a list of alumni class contact information, so when
someone contacts us for a specific claas we can give them contact
information, if interested just send us your class contact


Mt. Zion Les Femmes Form Alumni Association, Legion Les Femmes

The Les Femmes Board of Directors are now pleased to announce the
formation of ”Legion Les Femmes,” a new group made up of Les
Femmes alumni graduates, current and former Les Femmes Booster
Club members as well as anyone interested in the continued
excellence of Mt. Zion Les Femmes.  If you are a Les Femmes alumni,
you are automatically a member of Legion Les Femmes.  There is no
membership fee to be a part of Legion Les Femmes – you’ll always
be a part of Les Femmes and, hopefully, Les Femmes will always be a
part of you.

The purpose of Legion Les Femmes is to develop and promote fund
raising activities to supplement Les Femmes operating expenses and
for items/events/programs to enhance and enrich the school based
program.  These enhanced opportunities will contribute to continued
development towards performance excellence for these young ladies.

Our first effort is to make contact with the alumni performers and
alumni boosters to begin the process of re-connecting.  Please help
us find you by updating your contact information at the Les Femmes

Do you have time to help?  We need Legion Les Femmes Board
Members and volunteers. The Legion Les Femmes Board of Directors
will work towards building membership in the Legion, establishing
communication with members and hosting fundraising events that
help support the group. We need your help with building website
and other social media, newsletters, etc. which will reconnect you
with other Les Femmes  alumni as well as through activities like golf
outings, banquets, social events, etc., while at the same time
supporting the current group.  If you are interested in serving on the
Legion Les Femmes
Board of Directors or can volunteer your
time/skills to help, please contact us through the website.

For more information about Legion Les Femmes, please contact Randy Bodine, Publicity Chairman at 217-423-3620.


 Contacting Class of '62 - (3) replies
  Posted on 10/14/2011 by Carol Workman Brewer Reply to this Message[Reply to this message] 
Looking for classmates that graduated or would have graduated in 1962. We are trying to see how many people would be interested in attending a 50th Class reunion. Please contact me at the above e-mail. Also if you know of anyone else that would have been in the '62 class, have them contact me also. Thanks
Re: Contacting Class of '62 Posted on 11/30/2011 by Joe & Becky Luka
Hi, I (Joe) am from the graduating class of '84. My wife and I run a group-based travel business in Decatur. I would like to offer up a suggestion of a class reunion cruise. This can be combined with other classes for a larger group if you need/want to. The nice thing about a cruise is there is so much to do and something for everyone! You can plan a couple of mingle/get-togethers during your week-long cruise and even meet up for dinner each night. It's a fun way to travel with friends and not be "stuck" doing something all day that you don't enjoy. If you get enough people going, you may be able to go FREE! Contact us to talk further about putting together a reunion group.
Re: Contacting Class of '62 Posted on 05/11/2012 by Marjorie LaRico
Hi Carol, I would have graduated in '62 if I had not moved to Columbia, Missouri. I was invited to the 30th or 35th reunion and attended that. I would be interested in attending a 50th if there is one. Please let me know if there is. I would love to see our former classmates and catch up. I live in St. Louis now, but my sister June and brother Jeff live in Decatur and I visit often.
Re: Contacting Class of '62 Posted on 10/12/2013 by Bob Carter
Might try our 55th since 50 is past.

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